Update on our plans

by Jarratt on April 3, 2012

Hi everyone,

Thanks to those of you who have made the effort to come and look at our page.  It has been a bit of the old ‘cart before the horse’ with setting up this blog and getting operational… as usual I got carried away and tried to get everything done overnight; it doesn’t work like that unfortunately!

Hopefully in the next two weeks we will find the time to sit down and do some planning and brainstorming, then shortly after have some content flowing through to you.

Cheers and please hang in there – good things to come!

In the meantime can you guess where we are?

Enjoying a beer, but where?

Enjoying a beer, but where?


Welcome to Shiny Shoestring!

by Shiny Shoestring on February 15, 2012

Hello world, welcome to Shiny Shoestring!

This blog will be run by my partner and I as we travel the world starting in mid-2012. I will do the proper introductions soon :)

I am currently setting this site up, alongside moving out of our apartment, renting it, sorting packing, etc all at once! It’s a crazy time at the moment but I will be sure to put some quality time aside in the not too distant future :) Read the full article →